Crypto Kings Poker Club
Jon Jacunski - Poker Room Boss
Facebook: Jonathan Jacunski
[email protected]
PPPoker Group number public union 3604165
PPPoker Group number private group 3344603 Sunday Freerolls
PokerBROS Agency Group Number Elite Poker 143727 ref id 1559085
PokerBROS Private Group 1671392 Sunday Freerolls

Text "Poker" to 248-986-9335
to get signed up in just 5 minutes.

Crypto Kings Poker Club is not a gambling club. It is a private entertainment club. All tokens have a free method of entry for accumulation as complaint with federal and state sweepstakes rules and regulations. Apps used (PPPoker and PokerBROS) have strict compliance enforcement to insure money is not transmitted illegally for gambling purposes. All club membership proceeds through Caashapp, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, Apple Pay, Facebook Pay, and Cryptocurrency are considered gratuity and gifts and may only represent value for entertainment purpouses and consulting services by Crypto Kings Poker Club. Reward distributions are solely at the discretion of the club and do not represent cash value of any form of gambling winnings what so ever. All tokens/chips issued at PPPoker and PokerBROS do not have any value and do not represent any form of monetary value good for exchange other than entertainment purpouses. Participation in the virtual stock exchange is also for entertainment purpouses only and shares of Crypto Kings Poker Club virtual stock do not represent any real world value. Accumulation of shares does not entitle participants to any real world monetary value. The shares are only used for competition purpouses as a form of entertainment. Participation in club activities implies consent and agreement to these terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are subject to change and the intention is to remain in compliance with state, federal and international law."


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